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Silver Membership: silver membership gives you access to see expiring ValueDrop domains for today and tomorrow. You will have a chance to backorder those before they're gone. You will also be able to monitor them throughout the day and be able to hand register them as soon as they are dropped. You'll see the status changes on

Some domains are backordered, hence get the status of "Captured"

(New) Monitor - paid members can now monitor domains they like in the list and system will notify when domain becomes available for hand registration. Since our domain lists are of high quality, even dropped domains are quickly registered soon after. This feature will give you a better chance to hand-reg a domain soon after it's dropped.

Free Membership: with free membership, you can receive daily domain lists from These are the top domains on that were dropped the day before. These are still available for hand registration at the time of email being sent. Therefore, if you see a domain you like in the list, be sure to register it as soon as possible. All members will receive this daily email.